Veils at massTo tell you the truth, this is a question that never even crossed my mind as a possibility until I stumbled upon Cristina’s Filling My Prayer Closet blog post where she wrote about her decision to wear a veil to Mass during Advent. On first read, I was like what???? My mind automatically turned to women wearing veils because they have to, because they must hide their bodies and because they are inferior to men. Not a good veil association :).

But I stopped and checked my heart and looked the picture of her in her veil. It was beautiful and offered a deeper adoration of God, something I desire. I wanted to wear one…

When I thought about it more, I realized that most every picture of Mary portrays her wearing a beautiful veil (in fact, on my blog she’s wearing a blue one!). Why would I not want to imitate Mary? If it’s good enough for the Mother of God, well then certainly it’s good enough for me.

I spent a while perusing Liturgical Time’s Veil Shop on Etsy, admiring the veils and thinking about which I would choose. But when I thought of myself at mass wearing the veil, it made me very uncomfortable. Not really because of the negative association (because after all I would be CHOOSING to wear the veil), but because I feel like people might see it as an attempt to draw attention to myself, which is not at all what I want to do. I want to be modest, unnoticed, adoring, simple. Would this call too much attention?

My other concern is that certain members of my family feel I am a bit too “fanatical” about Catholicism :). I walk a fine line of adding to my activities a little at a time, so it’s not too much at once. I’m afraid this might be a bit too dramatic.

I have thought about it and prayed about it, and while my heart wants to wear a veil, my head just isn’t sure. I finally came up with an idea to wear a veil on Christmas Eve. It seems like a proper time to honor the Blessed Mother on the eve of the day that she delivered our Lord and a reasonable way to “dress up” for Christmas mass. It might be less noticed by all parties and I could see how I liked it.

What do you think? Would you consider wearing a veil? Be sure to visit Life of a Catholic Librarian and Filling My Prayer Closet, who are both challenging women to consider wearing a veil for Advent as part of their Advent Veiling Project. They are also giving away five different veils throughout Advent. If I win one, I just might consider that a sign from the Blessed Mother that she wants me to “veil.”

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