— 1 —

I’m discerning whether or not to wear a veil to mass. While my initial reaction was negative after reading a blog post about a project to wear veils throughout Advent, my heart truly wants to. My main drawback is that I may be drawing attention to myself by doing so, which is the opposite of what I’m trying to accomplish. But I LOVE the idea of a veil as a form of humility, adoration and submission to our Lord. Would you wear a veil to mass?

— 2 —

The winter season is here! It’s snowing  here in Indianapolis and it’s starting to feel like Christmas! The kids actually had a 2-hour delay today and got to play in the yard with their snow gear and sleds. I always love the first couple snows, then get tired of the mess. 🙂

— 3 —

I want to go to the Holy Land! I’d never had the inclination until I began reading Father Mitch Pacwa, S.J.’s “The Holy Land: An Armchair Pilgrimage.” This book literally walks you geographically step by step, just like you were there, to all the key sites and gives wonderful insight, readings and prayers for each location. It made me realize the importance of understanding the setting where Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the apostles lived to get a more full understanding of the Gospels.

Holy Land by Father Mitch Pacwa

— 4 —

I recently finished reading “God’s Bucket List” by Teresa Tomeo, who is my favorite person to listen to on the radio in the morning and I also do some freelance PR work for her. Everyone should read it! She is so funny and in a great way gets across the point that everything we do in life should be at God’s prodding and not because of our own selfish, earthly desires. The book is really about discerning your vocation in life and putting God’s to-do list at the top of your own to-do list. 🙂 Highly recommend it.

Catholic Book by Teresa Tomeo

— 5 —

Advent… I love this season, but I have not done a very good job with doing any traditional activities aside from the Christmas tree and decorations. Last year, we did a family prayer each Sunday as we lit the Advent candles. It has been so busy around here workwise I feel like I can barely come up for air! What are your special Advent traditions?

— 6 —

Has everyone entered the Catholic Book Bonanza I’m hosting with Teresa Tomeo and Patti Armstrong? Teresa is giving away 15 different Catholic books from authors like Randy Hain, Matthew Kelley, Dan Burke, herself, Johnnette Benkovic and lots of others. Contest closes on Monday, Dec. 9.

Catholic Book Giveaway

— 7 —

Excited to begin reading the Gospels in a Year with the team over at Flocknote! Last year I got their free daily email to read the Catechism in a Year. I switched to the Gospels this year, which starts Monday. I love this service because it sits in my inbox as an email every day and I can read while waiting in line or during other down time on my phone. I think it’s a great goal for 2014 to read the entire Gospel.

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