Papal ElectionI truly remember next to nothing about the election of Pope Benedict XVI. Catholicism and certainly the new pope was not on my mind. But  my how things have changed!

This time, I am completely and utterly fascinated, maybe even too much so :). It reminds me of March Madness with games of my favorite teams up while I try to work. I discovered EWTN, which I had come across on some level in the past year but didn’t realize it was entire TV channel. How exciting! I found it on our cable network (Catholic programming 24/7!) and have all the conclave coverage running live on my computer during key ceremonies and voting times, including the Smoke Cam (yes there’s a smoke cam!).

Why I am so excited? Because I am about to become Catholic. I am a mere 17 days away. As the new pope is chosen, so will I be chosen among the elect to be Catholic and how special and historic that is. This pope will be MY pope.  I can follow his papacy from the start along with the start of my Catholic journey. I am so anxious to learn about him and watch as he leads the world (and me!) in persona Christi.

How lucky I am to witness this event on the eve of my confirmation. The election of a pope happens so rarely and what amazement of this timing and what joy this Easter!

Are you following the coverage of the conclave? Are you like me — running it on your computer while you work ;-)? Well, I’d better get back to my EWTN programming — another vote is coming soon!