Photo from Fatima Retreat House, indianapolis

Photo from Fatima Retreat House, Indianapolis

Last summer as I continued to explore my new found interest in Catholicism, I decided that I wanted to take a quiet 1-day retreat to get away from technology, which I am always connected to due to the nature of my work, and spend quiet time reading, reflecting and trying to discern what God would have me do.

My husband and I had attended our Pre-Cana Catholic marital retreat 13 years ago at a lovely retreat house in Indianapolis and I knew that’s where I wanted to go. I had fond memories of our time there, especially the quiet and calm, something I’ve rarely, if ever, been able to replicate. No TVs, no music, no technology. Only yourself and God.

The Fatima Retreat House offers days of silence for a very small fee where you can spend a day on their grounds, which are lovely, and facilities, using their library, walking the labyrinth, wandering the woods, praying in the chapel  and sitting in stillness. You can also choose to spend one night for a nominal fee, as well, which I decided to do.

The retreat was incredibly refreshing for me. I tried to keep talking to a minimum and observe true silence, checking my phone only to see if I’d had any emergency calls. I spent my time reading, walking, praying and meditating. Browsing their library, I found a book that interested me on monasteries, which helped set further my interest in St. Benedict and his rule for monasteries.

I prayed that God would give me some direction in my life for how I could make it more righteous and spiritual. While sitting in the woods in silence, the idea for this blog was given to me.

It’s amazing how simply being quiet allows you to hear God and how hard that can be for some of us. God’s help doesn’t necessarily come right away or when you expect it, but if you wait with an open mind and heart, you just might get some guidance.

With kids and pets at home and work beckoning, it’s much more challenging for me to find, or even take, some quiet time to myself. I feel the stress of what I need to get done at home, but sitting at the retreat, everyone knew I was “off duty” and I could really focus on the spiritual.

I have not gone back for another retreat yet, but I definitely want to go again soon for another refreshment of spirit and time spent with God. Have you taken a religious or spiritual retreat? Tell me about your experience. I’d love to hear more perspectives!