This is a wonderful post on dealing with difficult people, especially those who have wronged us and may not have apologized. This is from Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene, O.C.D. from

The Charity We are Called To Emulate Especially With Difficult People

If we feel a natural aversion toward someone, or if a certain person has done some wrong to us, we see that person’s defects far more easily than we see his virtues.  It will also be easy for us to attribute to him the wrong intention now and in the future.  This is the moment to be especially prayerful and careful in order to fight against our natural tendency to evil thoughts and to STOP ourselves from speaking badly of that person to others.  We must oppose these thoughts despite the tendency to say I was wronged.  Yes, so was Jesus wronged many times.  This is the time to act as He would, to be especially kind to that person and offer him some service while looking at God in Him…loving God in him despite his fault.  True charity…the charity Jesus demands of us…makes no distinction of persons, but has equal love for all, because we see and love only God in all people.  We love them precisely because God does….and we love them for God and we love God in them.  Yes, it is hard, but by calling on His Grace, He will grant it.  St. Therese demonstrated this:  “when I show charity towards others, I know that is You God who are acting in me.”

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