C.S. Lewis Mere Christianity quote on @ACatholicNewbieWritten by C.S. Lewis during World War II in the book “Mere Christianity,” which I am currently listening to via Audible (a great way to read even MORE books — see link for free trial), he says these words, which reverberate today, especially in light of the rulings on marriage and the unconscionable acts of Planned Parenthood:

“I think if you look at the present state of the world, it is pretty plain that humanity has been making some big mistakes. We are on the wrong road and if that is so, we must go back. Going back is the quickest way on.” — C.S. Lewis, “Mere Christianity”

The text comes from a portion of the book where he is discussing that if what we are doing is wrong, we must go back to when we were doing it right. Just like, if we were solving a math problem. It would be silly to continue working on a method that is not working. The sooner you admit you’re on the wrong path and start again, the faster you’ll come to the right solution.

He points out there is nothing progressive about being pig-headed and stubborn in wrong ways.

I highly recommend this book, which makes the case for Christianity through reason and logic. Just be prepared to take it in small bites that you can really ponder for a bit :).