New to CatholicismI once read somewhere to keep a list of “signs” or little miracles that happen to you on your journey of faith. When you have a moment of doubt or are going through a particularly difficult time, it can be a wonderful list to review and revive your faith. What a beautiful idea!

Since I’ve begun my journey toward Catholicism I have had so many little signs that have confirmed to me that I’m on the right path. I never took the time to write them down and I’ve forgotten many, of course. But whenever I stop and start to question myself on this path, which I never could have imagined myself headed down, I remember some of the little signs and go “oh yeah!”

For those who are struggling with Catholicism, let me assure you I did, too, for many, many years. Let me share with you some of the things that have happened to me that have quelled my skepticism and filled me with faith:

  • I can’t count the number of times that I read one Bible verse somewhere only to come across it within 24 hours in another totally unexpected place. It seems whatever I’m reading on my own that theme reverberates throughout my life in countless ways. As one of a gazillion examples :), I’ve been reading the Bible daily and was working through First Corinthians. One of the readings at Mass Sunday was on the unique spiritual gifts we all receive. What do you know? I got to that verse during my own reading the very same evening. To experience this, I encourage you to go to daily Mass when you can, read books, sign up for emails like the Catechism in a Year, tweet, read blogs, etc. This will allow the “themes” you’re meant to see to come to you.
  • I am surrounded by others in my life, who also somewhat unexpectedly came to the Catholic faith, just as I did. This assures me that it’s not just me and it’s meant to be for all of us right now.
  • When attending a silent retreat, the idea for this blog was given to me clear as can be after much prayer.
  • Several changes in my career/vocation in life have come to me seemingly as divine messages delivered in my every day life (not at Mass or church) by people who just happen to be Catholic. I like to think God is using them, unbeknownst to themselves, as secret messengers to me :).
  • There are certain people in my life who seem to serve as earthly guardian angels to me, who always seem to pop up at the right time with just the right encouragement, support or advice. I would say it’s uncanny, but it’s not. It’s divine!

These are the little signs that show me I’m on the right path. Not that I needed them, because the “feeling” I have is so right, but in case I forget, there they are… It’s amazing when you are given the eyes of faith, how much you “see” and “hear” and “feel” and how that leads you right to where you should be.

What are some of your little signs? Please share!