Humility is a big area that I feel I need to work on as a future Catholic and an admirer of Benedict’s Rule (a book written hundreds of years ago as a guide for monasteries). St. Benedict even outlines something like seven steps to humility!

I feel myself too wrapped up in self, focused on what do I need/want/feel like at any given moment. It is Christ’s and Catholic teaching to shift the focus to others. Christ was the original “servant leader,” washing the feet of his apostles. Benedict, in fact, instructs monks to welcome all visitors as Christ, washing their feet in a sign of humility.

So, while pondering all this one day, I found a perfect place to put it into practice: the grocery store! It was a busy day, and time and again I started to hurry past someone, only to stop and realize I need not be in such a hurry. Let this other person finish their task and THEN I can go.

How many times did I almost bump into someone going around a corner only to end up in the inevitable “dance” of who goes first? In a practice of humility, I determined to let whomever I bumped into go first. I am not the most important person; let them go.

I also found the opportunity to shine the light of Christ within me to all I saw. Why not smile at your fellow man and share a bit joy? You see so many people in the grocery store; that’s the chance to make everyone’s day just a bit brighter.

And in the parking lot, I determined to be patient, unhurried and defer to others.

Who knew one could learn a lesson in humility at the grocery? But as Benedict teaches, it’s in the little moments that make for a joyful life.

Where have you/can you practice humility?