As I entered into motherhood coupled with running my own business nearly 10 years ago, stress definitely became a part of my life! I’ve tried all sorts of ways to relieve stress: more time to myself, massages, trips, delegating, you name it… but the best stress reliever of all surprised me: Catholicism!

I’ve noticed that since I’ve attended Mass regularly beginning in January and slowly made spirituality more of a focus and priority in my life, my ability to weather stress has greatly increased. As soon as the priest offers the first blessing “in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” a wave of calm and utter peaces washes over me. I thirst for that moment and it’s one of the reasons I’ve been attending daily Mass whenever I can.
While this has not been the most stressful year of my life, I’ve certainly endured plenty of hair-pulling events involving my work and my family and through it all I’ve never felt so free of stress.And what do you know? It seems that “peaceful, easy feeling” (to quote the Eagles J) carries with you outside of Mass too!

I’m able to tolerate those who previously got under my skin with the attitude of finding Christ within them, I can lay my work up to God and know that what he is taking away is for a reason and something better serving him will replace it.

When I do find moments of stress and anxiety sneaking in, I remember the Biblical words “Be not afraid” and “Do not be anxious about tomorrow.” It’s in His hands and those are pretty good hands to be in.

Also, even just bringing to mind or gazing on the face of Mary is enough to bring about a great sense of peace. I find her to be a most comforting presence and I pray the Hail Mary during great distress.

I almost feel no longer afraid of what’s to come even if it’s difficult because I know now it’s all for the greater good. And I’ve been willing to accept without (or at least with much fewer!) tears the changes He has wrought in my life.

So if you’re stressed out and looking for a way to find inner peace, I’m here to tell you where to find it. Try giving Mass a chance. Be open, listen to the words, smile at those around you and pay attention to how you feel.

Have you found less stress in your life since finding Catholicism?