On this Sorrowful Friday, so named for the set of mysteries you meditate upon while praying the rosary on Fridays (for my Catholic newbie friends!), let me offer up some thoughts I consider while praying these mysteries of Jesus’ Passion.

As you pray each set, think of each Hail Mary as a soothing balm to Jesus. Take away a little bit of His pain with each Hail Mary.

While praying and pondering His Agony in the Garden, soothe his fears and worries with your prayers. Be the one to sit with Him when no one else would.

As you think about  the Scourging at the Pillar when Pilate’s soldiers whip Him, take away a little of the pain of each strike of the whip and provide a soothing balm to his wounds with every prayer.

While you bring to mind Jesus’ Crown of Thorns, let each Hail Mary remove some of the pain of each thorn’s prick and reduce his humiliation.

As Jesus carries the cross, lighten the load with each prayer.

Finally, at Jesus’ Crucifixion quench his thirst just a little bit with your prayers as he cries out “I thirst!”

This is what Jesus wants! He wants souls; he wants us. Give yourself to him and you take away his pain just a little bit. What better gift can we offer him!?

In 33 Days to Morning Glory, a book by Father Michael Gaitley that  prepares readers for Total Consecration to Mary, he shares with readers how Jesus’ Passion is one event that transcends time. This event is always present when we attend Mass and whenever we call it to mind, so you really can soothe Jesus on this Sorrowful Friday.