Come JesusTonight I attended an Advent study group to better understand this season, which I am really experiencing for the first time in the ways of Catholicism. I had no idea all the meaning behind it!

At any rate, quickly I wanted to share this little nugget I got tonight. Advent is all about waiting for Jesus to come and there are so many times in our lives when are forced to wait — for medical news, for news of our children, for a job offering, for the birth of a child. Here is a simple prayer our group leader shared that can be comforting in times of stress or waiting: “Amen. Come Lord Jesus.”

This simple prayer is so easy to bring to mind and automatically shifts your thoughts away from the present and onto the greater good and our ultimate destiny. It also invites Jesus into that moment with you to help you through whatever you are experiencing.

It comes from Revelation and also can refer to our longing for Jesus’ Second Coming.

I love simple prayers and this is a gem in my book. The next time I have run out of motherly patience, get into an argument or am disappointed at some news, I’m going to remember “Amen. Come Lord Jesus.” I actually like to add another “come” at the end, which is what we say in mass after prayer intentions during Advent — “Amen. Come Lord Jesus, Come.”

Do you have any short simple prayers you bring to mind in times of stress? Please share!