Catholicism RCIAHere’s a quick piece of advice I wanted to share with others new to the faith or considering Catholicism. We’ve all got portions of the faith we have a hard time understanding. Maybe it’s the issue of contraception or purgatory or praying to the saints. Whatever it is, hang in there!

I found that when I took the time to really read up on the issue in detail — and I mean more than just looking in the Bible or the Catechism — I eventually understood it. Look for books on the topic, ask different people to explain it to you, read online (sites like are great at providing easy-to-understand answers) until you find one that makes sense. If reading isn’t helping, stop and be quiet. Spend time in Eucharistic Adoration or just in prayer. It might take you a while! Months, years even. But keep looking — the answer is there.

Also, once I understood the validity of how the church was founded – by Jesus himself! — and that he gave the “keys of the kingdom” to future popes, I knew in my heart that what the church was teaching was right. Jesus makes sure of it. I just had to find a way to make it make sense to me.

So, don’t despair, keep looking, pray about it and God will show you the answer when you’re ready :).