Kneeling in prayerGreat quote from the YouCat (Youth Catechism), which offers the teachings of the Catholic Church in a more youth friendly way. It discusses the power of getting on your knees. This is one of the aspects of Catholicism I had the hardest time with, but it brings so much grace when you give in and give it a try. Just kneel! You’ll love how you feel!

From the YouCat:

Why should we adore God?

Every person who understands that he is God’s creature will humbly recognize the Almighty and adore him. Christian adoration, however, sees not only the greatness, omnipotence, and holiness of God. It also kneels before the divine Love that became man in Jesus Christ.

Someone who really adores God kneels down before him or prostrates himself on the ground. This gives expression to the truth about the relation between man and God: He is great and we are little. At the same time, man is never greater than when he freely and devoutly kneels down before God. The unbeliever who is seeking God and is beginning to pray can find God in this way. (YOUCAT question 485)